August 1, 2006

Toruner Hat is a non political creative student organization. It works depends on three basic foundation (1) Education, (2) Culture & (3) Sports Moreover its intention was to make bondage of between three tenure Young, Younger & Youngest.

We want to break generation gap and work with each other. It is our duty to inform our new generation about the struggle life or survival of the fittest. We believe every age has spirit of teenage. We always encourage the teenage minded people to be our member.

News & Events...

(1) The annual picnic of Taruner Hat held in Lawchapra. Date: 15 January-2010

(2) The annual mega eid program titled "Tarunner Utsob" celebrated on 30 November-2009. Special Guest was honourable Food & Disaster Minister- Dr. Abdur Razzak. Venue: College field, Dhanbari, Tangail.

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